Math & Matisse Field Trip Series: June 9th Museum of Science

Math & Matisse Field Trip Series: June 9th Museum of Science


Bright Barn Studio takes art enrichment on the road to the Museum of Science on Friday, June 9th!  

June 9: Museum of Science Field Trip 

The new Math Moves! exhibit at the Museum of Science incorporates hands-on experiments and movement in an exhibit which enables students a rare opportunity to experience the properties of proportion, scale and ratio… which Bright Barn Studio’s art educators then help students apply to design concepts... on site!

While at the Museum of Science, we will also visit the 2-story kinetic sculpture and also the Mathmatica exhibit - which will enable us to experience the properties of properties of scale, proportion and ratio in the beauty of post-modern design.

There is so much to see and experience at the Museum of Science. We won’t be able to do it all.  The Math Moves! and Mathmatica exhibits are the focus of our field trip time.  We will have a mid-afternoon snack at the Riverside Café overlooking the Charles.

Pending on timing and student interest, we could also choose to visit the following Museum of Science offerings:

  • Discovery Center
  • Yawkey Gallery and Charles River Field Research Station
  • Art & Science Gallery
  • Take a Closer Look



Our all-inclusive $100 registration ticket per field trip outing includes transportation, lunch, snacks, exhibit fees, a 4:1 student: teacher ratio and highly personalized art instruction.  Our chaperones are artists and art educators. These are our dream field trips. Experiences such as these become core memories. 

Don’t let your child in on the secret, but the timing of our field trips also enable a parent night out for those who would like an extended field trip at no additional charge—just ask us in advance! 

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Bright Barn Studio Immersive Workshops usually are held at 209 Main Street in the center of Groton, Massachusetts.  This particular workshop is a field trip series to the Museum of Science on June 9, 2017.   

Field trip logistics will not be posted online.  Instead, Bright Barn Studio will follow up by email with families after registration.  If you have a logistics question in advance of registration, you are welcome to contact us at 978.429.6882!

Please note: both instructors are CORI-certified and one has been instructed on how to use an Epi-pen.  We are comfortable welcoming children with allergies.